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Sunday, February 4, 2007

I've finally decided to blog again..
A bit stone ar my blog.. cause nothing much to blog about.
yea, but nevertheless i shall blog about today's 'fund raising' exercise.. haha

Actually its something like flag day go ard asking ppl for donation to support youth volunteerism blah blah.. support youth projects like volunteering for Chingay parade..
AND, yes,i've volunteered myself to be the usher of chingggay parade, all in the name of CIP hours.. -.- LOL

kinda regretted though, cause its eating up a lot of my weekend.. i cant even feel the presence of weekend.. b4 you know it weekends have already ended.. weekend indeed. -__-

yea back to today's event.
as usual, if anyone approaches you and ask for a donation , a natural reaction would be to 'siam' and thats what most ppl did along orchard road. yea.. of course with the exception of those who gave us some empathy or actually wants to support the course of the youtth volunteering projects..
but what was unforgettable is that there this lady who approaches us on her own, took out 5 bucks, then another 2, then another 2.. by this time i would think that she is simply looking for a smaller change to give to us. then finally she took out a 1 dollar and guess what..
she gave us all the 10 bucks. zham just like that..
on top of that, she even declined the offer of winning sthg from our lucky dip as every dollar she donated would entitle her to a chance in winning sthg. prizes like a bear, chocolates, bookmarks, and tissue paper.. LOL.. yea..

its comforting that there are still ppl out there who are still kind enough to support non-profitable charitable organisation.. haha..

yea.. and from today onwards i shall donate to charity whenever i have the ability to.. i.e. enough money to spare.. haha.

haiz.. yea. and my template is gone.. at least the picture is.. -__- sian.. no mood and no time to change..

8:29 PM

Sunday, January 28, 2007


!) Tutorials (all 4 subjects)
2) Revisions (all 4 subjects)
3) Tests (maths and bio)
4) Band practices

hmm.. ok la.. doesnt look much.. its the norm la.. lol
ok i shan't rant anymore and start to jia you.. sigh

haha.. and today is full moon! =)

11:16 PM

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I've decided to post this blog cause I finally feel like it. LOL!
Though I've no idea what to blog about. But might as well, also to prevent my blog from remaining stagnant.

Past few days had been quite hectic, especially when the momentum of school life starts to pick up. Lectures are zoomed through, tutorials are gone through in no time, and you hardly have anytime to understand and memorise the important details which you need to equip yourself with for tests and exams.

Talking about tests, there's one coming up tomorrrow, unfortunately. And another on friday. Guess its time to start mugging again. Sigh. 'Bo Bian' is the phrase man. We've no choice but to study cause that is what we are suppose to do and "suppose" to be good at. Aiya. Enough of blogging. Back to studying. Adios. YAWN~! >.<

5:01 PM

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

woohoo~ new computer finally come
iMac com. lol..

but quite sian leh. first, i'm NOT accustomed at how to use it. second, it cannot play a lotta games la! sian..
most games use windows xp os. then this is a stupid macintosh.. sian!

but not bad la.. the design quite cool haha..
simple and elegant.. unlike the normal coms which are rather bulky

ohwell. guess i can only use com and not play them now.. T_T

and next week got hell lotsa test.. and i dun understand a thing in the lecture now currently.. i m so dead
290 days to a lvls ppl.. mug hard
sigh.. cruel fate.
xP.. i go pia work liao.. i mean ''pia''..yea.

4:48 PM

Friday, January 5, 2007

WA.. pass few days super tiring..

lets talk about first day of school..
i had STOMACHACHE on the first day of school!! damn sian la.. then almost late because i spent most of the time in the toilet. lol.. only got outta house at ard 7 am
then reached school at 730 i think.. aiya.. i zhun zhun put down my bag that time the assembly starts.. haha.. happening

and ya. that day super tiring cause only slept for 3 hours b4 the first day of school.. so slept at 8 pm that day. lol

then 2nd day.. oh! i'm the station master for the amazing race of tj orientation.
quite ok la.. just that waiting for the groups to come is damn sian.. then when they come that time is 2 og by 2 ogs.. so we have to fen gong he zuo. haha

so yea.. today 3rd day of school.. nothing much.. except we get to know that all the tests for econs maths and maybe bio will be on 3rd wk of the term.. sian

oh ya b4 i forget. thought a bit late liao. haha. HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! lol

5:53 PM

Saturday, December 30, 2006

A lotta happenings happened! lol..

i just spent my happiest bday of my life.. XP haha..
lol. but i lazy to type out the details.. so nvm LOL
getting quite a few new stuffs too! er.. like mp3, com, maybe hp, a new and faster broadband. lol.. all the way..

aiya lazy to type.. too happy liao. HAHAHAhA..
k.. go chiong maths liao.. still stuck on the first paper.. havent finish anything yet.. happening.

9:21 PM

Monday, December 25, 2006


11:31 PM


peichun public
anglican high
temasek junior college
to the inevitable 2 years
plays the piano and trumpet
plays also the com.. lol
suffers from s.t.m.


no work
struck lottery
Bleh.. XP


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